Kimberly Penner

Advisory Board Member
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Kim started her career with the Tennessee Valley Authority as a cartographic technician in 1984.  Her first assignment was creating USGS topographic map layers on scribe coat (no computers)!  About 6 months later CADD was introduced into the mapping process and the manual tools were phased out.

Kim returned to the Kansas City area in 1988 and began working as a geographer for the US Army Corps of Engineers. Here CADD was still widely used until about 1992 when ESRI ArcInfo became the tool of choice for mapping.  She has been involved in many areas of the Corps business lines including engineering, navigation, natural resources, and recreation.  She is also involved in the development of geodatabases and training park rangers in GIS and GPS.  

Kim lives in Prairie Village, Kansas with her husband Dan.  Both their son and daughter are currently students at KU.

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2019 GPRM-AAG Annual Meeting