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Geography and Atmospheric Science Classes

The Spring 2019 semester class schedules for Geography and Atmospheric Science are listed below. For more specific filtering, visit the official University of Kansas Schedule of Classes

SPRING 2020 


Note: Geography course listings below include both undergraduate and graduate classes.

Topics: Indigenous Peoples’ Science
This course explores various perspectives of Indigenous Knowledge Systems, in regions such as the Pacific, Arctic, and the rest of the world, with topical references to sustainability, ecology, environmental stewardship, and language as cultural landscapes. Students will engage with Indigenous Knowledge Systems as the epistemological underpinnings to understanding a deeper sense of place.

Topics: Attachment and Home(land) with Dr. Alexander Diener
This course is a research-oriented seminar for graduate students. Our goal is to examine, in a deep and sophisticated way, the multifaceted effects of Place Attachment on the human condition. To better understand Place Attachment and process of territorializing identity is important for enriching concepts such as home, homeland, territory, and sovereignty, as well as, processes of conservation, preservation, mobility, and belonging in various periods of history and in different parts of the world. One may argue that Place Attachment is a profoundly understudied principle of geography as a discipline. Knowledge of this topic is also eminently applicable for policy making and in fields as diverse as international relations, development, urban planning, migration, education, indigenous studies, and conflict resolution. This seminar affords students considerable freedom of topical approach and area studies focus within the broad theme of Place Attachment. 

Topics: North American Native Land Issues with Dr. Stephen Egbert


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