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Charter & By-Laws


The Geography Advisory Board is focused on the needs of students. This includes connecting students to professionals, driving private sector involvement, and growing the Geography endowment to directly benefit students.


Board Members

The KU Geography Advisory Board shall consist of at least 8 professional (non-KU faculty) members. At least two-thirds must be either graduate or undergraduate alumni of the University of Kansas. The remaining one-third can be any professional (non-student, non-faculty) with a strong commitment to supporting KU Geography. The Chair of the Advisory Board must be an alumni professional member. In addition to the 8 professional members, the current Department of Geography faculty Chair is always a member of the board. The Board can also appoint one or more current graduate and/or undergraduate student(s) as Student Liaison(s). All professional members plus the Department faculty Chair compose the voting body of the Board. The voting body must total an odd number. If the number is even, the newest Board member must abstain from voting. A voting quorum consists of one more than half the board members.

New board members will be selected as follows. Names of candidates will be submitted to the Department of Geography faculty Chair for review. The faculty Chair will then confer with the Board Chair and Board Vice-Chair. The faculty Chair will then approve or deny the candidate. KU faculty cannot be board members (other than the Chair of the Department), however the board can agree to invite one or more KU faculty as Faculty Liaison(s).

An alumni Board member can serve multiple (and consecutive) 2 year terms. The term starts as of the date of the face-to-face board meeting (usually April).  Renewal of each term follows the same process for new board members (see above).


  • The Board Chair will serve a two-year term. The Board can, at any time, opt to replace the Board Chair. Two-thirds of the Board must be in favor of mid-term replacement. Selecting a new Board Chair requires majority vote.
  • A Board Vice-Chair will be elected and serve a term concurrent with the Board Chair. The Board Vice-Chair function is to serve as substitute if Board Chair is not available to conduct business and as a voting member of the Executive Committee. The Board can, at any time, opt to replace the Board Vice-Chair. Two-thirds of the Board must be in favor of mid-term replacement. Selecting a new Board Vice-Chair requires majority vote.


Votes can be done using any means available: in-person, e-mail, phone, paper. Votes will be tabulated and documented in the Board records.


The Board must meet face-to-face once a year. In addition, the board can decide to setup additional meetings (by conference call or in person) as needed.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is authorized to conduct business in the name of the Advisory Board. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Board Chair, Board Vice-Chair, and Geography Department faculty Chair.


Department of Geography and Atmospheric Science Events
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