Lewis Armstrong, M.A. Geography, 1975

MA 1975
Primary office:


Nothing better in life than retirement.  I get to do things because I want to after retiring in 2004.  Linda and I have moved to Fayetteville, Georgia where I do some substitute teaching in county schools just for fun.  I also continue to work on my websites.  Web Based Resources at http://ejw.i8.com, Christian Resources at http://christianresources.i8.com and check out the recipes page on the site.  Also, Vietnam at http://ejw.i8.com/vn/vn.html, Eisenhower at http://ejw.i8.com/ike/ike.html, Stocks and Investing at http://ejw.i8.com/stocks1.html and Mount Sunflower, KS at http://ejw.i8.com/sun/mountsunflower.html.  My Geography site is now on the Geography Websites page of Web Based Resources.  If you come to the Atlanta area, look us up - send an email.

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