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Bachelor of General Studies in Geography (B.G.S.)

A degree unique to the University of Kansas with the intent to allow for more specialization in the student's main area of interest while still maintaining a liberal arts program. Compared to the B.A. degree, there are fewer principal course requirements: there are only two required courses in each of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Another difference is that this degree has no foreign language requirement. It does, however, require students to complete a concentration (3 upper division courses) or a minor in a second field of study (usually 18 credit hours). Geography core requirements are the same as those for the B.A. degree, and require a minimum of 33 credit hours in Geography. Course work includes 18 credit hours of fundamentals courses and 15 additional credit hours selected from the four topical groups: physical, human, techniques and regional.  Students taking the B.G.S. degrees should note that most Geography graduate programs require a statistics course, e.g., GEOG 316, and we highly recommend a basic course in GIS, e.g., GEOG 358.

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