Program and Coursework. The program at the M.A. level continues the general training of the bachelor's degree, but also provides for the development of some concentration in preparation for employment or further study. Upon a student's admission to the department, the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) will appoint an advisor. Early in the first semester (preferably in the first week of classes), the student should meet with this advisor to outline a tentative program of coursework for the degree. Such programs should be solidified by the time of enrollment for the second semester and submitted to the GSC for approval. The student and advisor then continue to discuss and update programs each semester, bearing in mind that any substantive changes must be approved by the GSC. Program sheets are available in the department office and must be filed before the proposal defense can be scheduled. All candidates must pass a proposal defense and then submit and successfully defend a thesis in a final oral defense.  The course requirements are as follows:

Required Courses:

GEOG 805 Perspectives in Geography 2
GEOG 980 Seminar in Geography: _____ (Colloquium for 1 credit hour during each of the first 2 semesters of residence at KU) 2
Two-day (non-credit) orientation before classes begin in the fall semester    
Non-credit 8-hour Responsible Scholarship session held before classes start in the spring semester    
GEOG 899 Master's Thesis 6
One course from the Techniques/Research Methods Concentration: 3-4  
GEOG 512 Advanced Cartography and Geovisualization  
Applied Multivariate Analysis in Geography  
Remote Sensing of Environment I  
Spatial Databases  
Intermediate Geographical Information Systems  
Advanced Geostatistics  
Qualitative Research Methods  
Graduate Level coursework   17
Total Hours   30-31

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