Matthew L. Fahrenbruch

PhD Candidate
Primary office:


Educational Background:

Ph.D.   (Present) Geography, University of Kansas

M.S.    (2013) Geography, University of Southern Mississippi

B.S.     (2011) Geography, University of North Dakota (Summa Cum Laude)

A.S.     (2007) General Studies, Dixie State College of Utah

Research Interests:

I am a broad-based geographer with experience and interest in both physical and cultural topics and regional interests in Latin America and the American South. Of specific interest are the topics of tourism, political ecology, and the globalization of resource production. My recent research has focused on tourism development and vulnerability in Latin America and specifically the community of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. I am currently working as a Graduate Research Assistant on the Central America Indigena Project; a 2-5 year project to better understand socioeconomic stability in the Central American region.

Honors and Awards:

Fulbright Student Fellowship to Nicaragua, Fulbright U.S. Student Program - Institute of International Education

Charles Stansifer Fellowship, KU Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Field Research Grant to Nicaragua, Tinker Foundation

Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Scholarship, KU Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Graduate Student Research Symposium Departmental Paper Award. University of Southern Mississippi

Alice Rechlin Scholarship. Gamma Theta Upsilon


Fahrenbruch, M.L. In Press. Waves of Change: Coastal hazards, tourism development, and risk communication along the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. In: The Role of Risk Communication in Community Resilience Building. Eds. D.M. Cochran and B. Kar. London, Routledge

Fahrenbruch, M.L. 2017. “Cucharear dinero del mar”: La producción de medusas en La Mosquitia. Wani Revista del Caribe Nicaragüense, 72:31-38.

Kelly, J. P. Herlihy, T. Tappan, A. Hilburn, and M. L. Fahrenbruch. 2017. From Cognitive Maps to Static Digital Maps: Tools for indigenous Territorial Control in la Muskitia, Honduras. Cartographica (in press).

Fahrenbruch, M.L. and D.M. Cochran Jr. 2015. Tourism Development and Tsunami Vulnerability in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Panoramas, Sept. 19, 2015, available online.

Fahrenbruch, M.L. and D.M. Cochran Jr. 2014 Waiting for the Wave:  Assessing the vulnerability of tourism in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, to tsunami. Journal of Latin American Geography 13(3):  11-36

Fahrenbruch, M.L. 2014. Trash Animals:  How We live with Nature's Filthy, Feral, Invasive and Unwanted Species; Edited by Kelsi Nagy, K. and D. Johnson II.  Southeastern Geographer, 54(1): 90-92

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