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Financial Aid

There are many opportunities for financial aid. The department awards numerous University and Departmental Scholarships to its students, outlined below. Information is also provided about student employment and work-study. More financial aid resources can be found at the University of Kansas Office of Student Financial Aid.

The University of Kansas Department of Geography & Atmospheric Science

Undergraduate Student Scholarships
The Department's Undergraduate committee, through review of all undergraduate Geography and Atmospheric Science students, presents a number of merit-based awards to promising junior-level majors. Additionally, the John Cowan Scholarship is available to provide assistance to students pursuing a professional career in the field of geography. 

Student Employment and Work-Study
Several research assistantships are normally offered through the Kansas Geological Survey, the Kansas Applied Remote Sensing Program, KU Cartographic Services, and other units. In addition, student hourly and work-study employment with the Department of Geography and Atmospheric Science is available. Students should visit University Career Center in Summerfield Hall for a complete list of student hourly positions at the University of Kansas.

Ph.D. Scholarships and Fellowships
The Madison and Lila Self Graduate Fellowship is a unique and outstanding program which is looking for exceptional students who can demonstrate they have the talent and leadership to make significant contributions not only in their field of study but in society as a whole.  Payment is through appointment as a graduate research assistant or a graduate teaching assistant. Self Graduate Fellows will receive $29,500 a year for four years. The total value of the four-year doctoral fellowship exceeds $165,000. Since departments identify and nominate admitted students in late January, it is beneficial to contact these departments early and complete a graduate school application during the fall semester.

Cost of Attendance

Department of Geography and Atmospheric Science Events
2019 GPRM-AAG Annual Meeting