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A total of 12 credit hours are required to earn the certificate.  Only one course outside of the Department of Geography and Atmospheric Science may be included in these 12 credit hours.  Course requirements include the following:

Select 2 of the 3 core GIS courses (6-7 credit hours) listed below:

GEOG 528 Spatial Databases 3
GEOG 558 Intermediate Geographical Information Systems 4
GEOG 560 GIS Application Programming 3

Core courses may be waived and replaced with approved electives in cases where students have completed the same course for undergraduate credit.

Select an additional 5-6 credit hours of electives from the following:

ATMO 642 Remote Sensing 3
GEOG 512 Advanced Cartography and Geovisualization 4
GEOG 526 Remote Sensing of Environment I 4
GEOG 648 Location Modeling 3
GEOG 658 Topics in Geographic Information Science: _____ 1-6
GEOG 711 Advanced Topics in Geovisualization 3
GEOG 716 Advanced Geostatistics 3
GEOG 726 Remote Sensing of Environment II 4
GEOG 758 Geographic Information Science 4
GEOG 898 Readings in Geography 1-4
Any graduate-level GIS application course from another department/school (in consultation with advisor)  
Or, a third core course from the core GIS courses listed above  

At least once per year students are required to meet with the certificate Director to discuss progress in the program.

A student can take no longer than 4 years to pursue the certificate unless a leave of absence or other extenuating circumstances are present. In either event a petition letter must be submitted to the Director during the 4th year of enrollment.

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