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GIS Day is November 19th

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The link below goes to details associated with GIS Day 2014, observed this year on November 19.  To celebrate, we’ve placed 38 geocaches throughout Douglas County to promote its history, culture and spectacular views.  A coordinate listing with clues for each geocache is included on the page.  Geocaching offers a great opportunity to test a person’s resourcefulness in technology, navigation and orienteering.
I encourage everyone to share the link with groups and organizations you’re associated with if there is interest in geocaching.  We hope to build upon support we’ve received in past years to make this event better.  The locations are interesting and some challenging so attention to details is important.  Your assistance in getting the word out is greatly appreciated.  We will also put an announcement out through the County’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.
GIS Day 2014 - Douglas County, KS
Bryce Hirschman, GISP
GIS Coordinator
Douglas County, KS
(785) 832-5190 - phone
(785) 841-0021 - fax

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