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There are many great opportunities to gain valuable experience through internships in both Geography and Atmospheric Science. Internship options include short- and long-term, paid and unpaid, and some positions may lead to permanent jobs. Our alumni frequently provide important connections and opportunities to students. Geography & Atmospheric Science student organizations and clubs also offer resources and special career-related events. A departmental Career Day every spring also provides valuable opportunities for future internships, in addition to careers.

View current Internship Postings for Geography and Atmospheric Science majors.

Check out the KU Career Center's Internship Resources page which includes listings, information on credit, internships abroad, and more.

Atmospheric Science students can earn credit and gain excellent experience through variety of internships with the National Weather Service, offered through the course ATMO 607: Forecasting Internship with the National Weather Service, which includes the Student Career On-Site Training program (SCOuT) program. Students may enroll in ATMO 607 up to four times for different internships, earning 2 credits per semester, for a total of up to 8 credits. 

National Weather Service SCOuT Partnership Program
Students earn credit while spending time at a variety of NWS regional offices learning systems, networking, and experiencing the multitude of careers first hand. Learn more about the NWS KU SCOuT program. 


Department of Geography and Atmospheric Science Events
2019 GPRM-AAG Annual Meeting