Aoesta Mohammed

PhD Candidate
Primary office:
Lindley Hall
Room 419


Advisor’s name

Daniel Hirmas, PhD

Department of Geography,The University of Kansas


Doctor of Philosophy (in progress) The University of Kansas

Master of Physical Geography/Geomorphology (05/2009) University of Sulaimani

Bachelor of Geography (07/2004) University of Sulaimani

Research Interest

My M.S. thesis-entitled, "The Ties Between the Geomorphology of Sulaimani City and Its Land Use for Residential Purposes"-identified the geomorphologic factors controlling the distribution of residential units within the city.  My PhD research focuses on understanding climatic and geomorphic controls on the development of soil structure and develops a method to quantify soil structural units.  In this project, I am using a large database (400,000 samples) maintained by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to examine these relationships.  I am also interested in research on the applications of remote sensing to defining and mapping geomorphologic units in arid and semi-arid landscapes and in predicting thresholds of instability.  In addition, I am interested  in identifying and mapping geomorphic hazard zones such as flood plains areas with potential for erosion and landslides using digital soil mapping approaches.


SSSA Pedology Division Student Presentation Competition,  1st Place Poster Award, 2014



Dissertation: Characterization and Genesis of Soil Structure




Department of Geography and Atmospheric Science Events
2019 GPRM-AAG Annual Meeting