NWS University Partnership Program

Gain valuable experience with the National Weather Service (NWS)/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and earn two credits through the Student Career On-Site Training program (SCOuT). KU Atmospheric Science has partnered with NWS and NOAA for this unique University Partnership Program which gives students the opportunity to spend time at a variety of National Weather Service offices to experience diverse meteorological careers, learn basic operations, computer systems, and the every day activities. Students will work with a mentor to explore options and select which offices they would like to focus on. Students may visit up to six offices and, after completing the SCOuT program, will receive a diploma signed by the Director of the NWS Central Region and their coordinating professor.  Any meteorology student who has completed ATMO 105: Introductory Meteorology may enroll. 

Experience - Explore a variety of career options and expand your knowledge through experience in NWS offices
Access - Tour a variety of National Weather Service offices you may not otherwise have access to
Network - Get to know people in NWS offices
Resume booster - Add valuable NWS experience and SCOuT program completion to your resume

SCOuT NWS offices include:
* denotes required office visit

Central Regional Headquarters* National Weather Service Training Center* Center Weather Service Unit
Aviation Weather Center Weather Forecast Office, Pleasant Hill, MO Weather Forecast Office, Topeka, KS
Missouri Basin River Forecast Center (MBRFC)    

Contact program coordinators Karen Eagle, National Weather Service: Karen.Eagle@noaa.gov and David Rahn, University of Kansas: darahn@ku.edu to get started and learn about options in the SCOuT program. Eligibility: All levels of meteorology education as long as ATMO 105: Introductory Meteorology has been completed. 

Enroll in ATMO 607 to start the SCOuT Program. Discuss with your mentor what offices you would be interested in visiting. Students can spend up to one month (4 weeks) at each office to learn the basic operations, computer systems, and everyday activities of each office. Students will complete online training modules before visiting offices. Students will earn 2 credits. 

In addition to the mandatory visits to The National Weather Service Training Center and Central Region Headquarters, students can pick up to 4 other offices that interest them. At the end of the program, the student will then give a short presentation at an office of their choice and share some of the highlights of their experience and what they learned.

Once every step in the program is finished, the student will graduate from the program and receive a SCOuT diploma signed by their coordinating professor and by the Director of the NWS Central Region Christopher S. Strager. 

Download the printable NWS SCOuT program flyer:

Information flyer for NWS KU Student Career On Site Training program



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