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Atmospheric Science Undergraduate

4 specialized options are available for students who plan professional careers in meteorology or atmospheric science. The general meteorology option satisfies all the traditional professional meteorology requirements for employment with the National Weather Service, airlines, or other agencies. The air pollution meteorology option meets the need for trained specialists. The hydrometeorology option may lead to a career as a meteorologist in one of the many water-related activities in private and governmental agencies. The news media forecasting option can lead to a career forecasting the weather on television or radio. The B.S. degree with any of these specialties also prepares students to begin graduate programs in meteorology or atmospheric science.

During the final year in the program, students are required to do a graduation check. Final degree checks are done by the College Advising & Student Services staff of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (109 Strong Hall). As part of this check, students will also need to meet with the Undergraduate Advisor in the Geography Department to check the Geography or Atmospheric Science major requirements. It is strongly recommended that students consult with a Geography advisor on a regular basis to make certain that, at each stage in their program, they are meeting all of the requirements for the degree.

Department of Geography and Atmospheric Science Events
2019 GPRM-AAG Annual Meeting