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Recent Graduates

May 2017

Master of Arts – Geography

Hugo Martin Koch
B.A., 2015, University of Oklahoma
Title:  Digital Utilities:  A Kansas Perspective on Bridging Internet Divides with Municipal Broadband
Advisor:  Barney Warf

Ruth H. Remmers
B.S., 1974, University of Kansas (Journalism)
M.A., 1980, University of Kansas (Soviet and East European Studies)
M.S., 1983, University of Kansas (Computer Science)
Title:  Perceptions of the Environment and of Tourism in the Altai Republic, The Russian Federation
Advisor:  Alexander Diener

Master of Science - Geography        

Andrew C.D. Cleary
B.S., 2011, University of Georgia, Athens
Title:  Geoprocessing Approaches to Delineate Impoundments and Characterize Subcatchments within Kansas Reservoir Drainages
Advisors:  Steve Egbert/Xingong Li

Charles J. Grady
B.S., 2006, University of Kansas (Computer Science)
Title:  Delineating Sea-Level Rise Inundation:  An Exploration of Data Structures and Performance Optimization
Advisor:  Xingong Li

Master of Science – Atmospheric Science

Prescott R. Bishop
B.S., 2010, Texas A&M University
Title:  Impact of Varying the Magnitude of Cloud-top Radiative Cooling on Stratocumulus Cloud Behavior
Advisor:  Dave Mechem

Ph.D. – Geography

Kevin E. Dobbs
B.A., 1999, University of Kansas (Environmental Studies)
M.A., 2010, University of Kansas (Geography)
Title:  Toward Rapid Flood Mapping Using Modeled Inundation Libraries
Advisor:  Steve Egbert

Megan L. Holroyd
B.S., 2001, Pittsburg State University
M.A., 2007, University of Kansas (International Studies)
Title:  Landscapes of Mount Kilimanjara Tourism:  Residual, Dominant, Emerging and Excluded Cultures
Advisors:  Steve Egbert/Garth Myers

Austen J. Thelen
B.S./B.A., 2007, Michigan State University
M.A., 2010, University of Kansas (Geography)
Title:  Regional Identity and Constructive Regionalization in the North Caucasus:  Group Perceptions and Nuances from Inside the Region
Advisor:  Shannon O’Lear

August 2017

Master of Science – Atmospheric Science

Andrew M. Fisher
B.S., 2014, Rutgers
Title:  Inconsistencies in the Weather Research and Forecasting Model of the Marine Boundary Layer Along the Coast of California
Advisor:  David Rahn      

December 2016

Master of Arts – Geography

Matthew F. Hubbard
B.S, 2012, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Title:  A Cartographic Depiction and Exploration of the Boy Scouts of America’s Historical Membership Patterns
Advisor:  Steve Egbert

Adam R. Shanko
B.A., 2004, University of Notre Dame
Title:  Characterizing Woody Encroachment in the Konza Prairie Using Object-Based Analysis of Aerial Photographs
Advisor:  Steve Egbert

Shaylee Vandever
B.A., 2013, Haskell Indian Nations University
Title:  Woody Biomass as an Alternative Energy Source for Ft. Yukon, Alaska
Advisor:  Jay Johnson

Master of Science – Atmospheric Science

Hannah E. Chandler
B.S., 2014, Arizona State University
Title:  Microphysical Precursor Conditions Leading to Precipitation Initiation in Marine Stratocumulus
Advisor:  Dave Mechem

Ph.D. – Geography

Weibo Liu
B.S., 2008, China University of Petroleum
M.S., 2011, China University of Petroleum
Title:  Identification, Representation, and Analysis of Convective Storms
Advisor:  Xingong Li

Nicole P. Reiz
B.S., 2007, University of Kansas (Environmental Studies)
M.A., 2010, University of Kansas (Geography)
Title:  An Exploration in International Comparative Legal Geography:  Military Status of Forces Agreements (SOFAs), Sexual Violence, and Jurisdiction
Advisor:  Shannon O’Lear

August 2016

Master of Arts – Geography

Aaron N. Koop
B.A., 2006, Lake Forest College
Title: Pedostratigraphic Influence of Late-Quaternary Sediments and Paleosols on Headwall and Sidewall Canyon Morphology in the Arikaree Breaks, Central Great Plains
Advisors:  Dan Hirmas/Bill Johnson

Eric J. Zautner
B.A., 2009, University of Kansas (Geography)
Title:  Surface Rock Controls on the Development of Desert Varnish in the Mojave Desert
Advisor:  Dan Hirmas

May 2016

Master of Arts – Geography

Samuel Y. Lobby
B.A., 2010, University of Minnesota, Duluth
Title:  Fired Up:  Scales of Safety and Federal Wildland Fire Management in the U.S.
Advisor: Shannon O’Lear

Kelly E. Overstreet
B.A., 2012, University of Kansas (History and Environmental Studies)
Title: Changing Climate, Static Society? A Survey of Equity, Justice and Vulnerability in U.S. Municipal Climate Plans
Advisor: Shannon O’Lear

Master of Science - Geography

Steven C. Foga
B.G.S., 2011, University of Kansas (Geography)
Title: Characterization of Ice Mélange and its Implications to Terminus Stability at Helheim Glacier, Southeast Greenland
Advisor:  Kees van der Veen

Ph.D. – Geography

Vincent M. Artman
B.A., 2003, University of Oregon
B.A., 2009, University of Oregon
M.A., 2011, University of Oregon
Title:  The State and the Sacred:  Memory, Theology, and Identity in Kyrgyzstan
Advisor:  Alexander Diener

David J. Trimbach
B.A., 2005, University of Dayton
M.A., 2008, Portland State University
Title:  Citizenship Capital & Political Power in Estonia
Advisor:  Shannon O’Lear

Katie L. Weichelt
B.S., 2005, Kansas State University
M.A., 2007, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Title:  A Historical Geography of the Paper Industry in the Wisconsin River Valley
Advisor:  J. Pete Shortridge

December 2015

Master of Arts – Geography

Meghan A. Kelly
B.A., 2012, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Title:  Mapping Syrian Refugee Border Crossings:  A Critical, Feminist Perspective
Advisor: Margaret Pearce

Taylor A. Tappan
B.A., 2010, University of Kansas (Geography and Spanish)
Title:  A Cultural Historical Geography of Schools in the Honduran Muskitia
Advisor:  Peter Herlihy

Master of Science – Geography

Kolbe D. Andrzejewski
B.S., 2013, Tennessee Technological University
Title:  Historical Metamorphosis of the Arkansas River on the Kansas High Plains
Advisor:  Bill Johnson

Timothy C. Bents
B.S., 2012, South Dakota State University
Title:  Understanding the Physical Constraints of Soil Structure and Its Influence on Soil Hydraulic Properties
Advisor:  Dan Hirmas

Zachary W. Thorp
B.S., 2004, State University of New York at Geneseo
Title:  Agritourism in Kansas:  Effects of Distance and Economic Outcomes
Advisor:  Barney Warf

Ph.D. – Geography

Nouri A. Elfarnouk
B.S., 1989, Garyounis University
M.A., 2001, ITC
Title:  Squatter Settlements in Tripoli, Libya:  Assessing, Monitoring, and Analyzing the Incidence and Prevalence of Urban Squatter Areas in the Peri-Urban Fringe
Advisor:  Steve Egbert/Garth Myers

August 2015

Master of Arts – Geography

Keith A. French
B.S., 2006, University of Kansas (Geography)
A New Approach for Visualizing the Spatial Distribution of Population Over Time
Advisor:  Xingong Li

Nicholas E. Kotlinski
B.A., 2010, University of Kansas (Anthropology)
A Political Ecology of Oil Palm in the Peruvian Amazon
Advisor:  Chris Brown

Master of Science – Geography

Claire (Forgacs) Messner
B.S., 2010, Michigan State University
Post-IR IRSL Dating of the Nenana Dune Field in the Tanana Lowlands, Central Alaska
Advisor:  Bill  Johnson

Cheng Zong
B.S., 2011, Ocean University of China
Late Pleistocene Sea Levels and Resulting Changes in Global Land Distributions
Advisor:  Jerry Dobson

Master of Science – Atmospheric Science

Christopher J. Mitchell
B.S., 2013, San Jose State University
An ACARS Climatology of the Boundary Layer Near the Coast of Southern  California
Advisor:  Dave Rahn

Kevin J. Nelson
B.S., 2012, Florida Institute of Technology
Evaluation of Warm-Rain Microphysical Parameterizations in Mesoscale Simulations of the Cloudy Marine Boundary Layer
Advisor:  Dave Mechem

Ph.D. – Geography

Almokhtar M. Attwairi
B.A, 1995, 7th of April University, Libya
M.A., 2002, 7th of April University, Libya
Analyzing Urban Growth and Urban Management for the City of Tripoli, Libya
Advisor:  Steve Egbert and Garth Myers

Aida Ramos Viera
B.A., 2004, University of Guadalajara
M.S., 2006, University of San Luis Potosi
Forest Conservation Policies and the Neoliberal Land Reform in Mexico:  A Cultural Ecology Approach to the Payments for Environmental Services in the Huasteca Potosina Region
Advisor:  Peter Herlihy          

May 2015

Master of Arts – Geography

Zachary M. Adamz
B.S., 2010, Brigham Young University
Territorializing the Koryo Saram:  Negotiating South Korean Perspectives on Homeland and Diaspora
Advisor:  Alex Diener

Master of Science – Geography

William E. Chatfield-Taylor
B.S., 2009, University of Kansas (Biology)
An Assessment of Factors Affecting the Spatial Distribution of Audubon’s Shearwater (Puffinus l. lherminieri) throughout the Caribbean
Advisors:  Bill Johnson and Johan Feddema

Kim I. Drager
B.S., 2011, University of Kansas (Biology)
Modifications of Fine- and Coarse-Textured Soil Material Caused by the Ant Formica Subsericea
Advisors: Dan Hirmas and Steve Hasiotis

Ph.D. – Geography

Vijay V. Barve
B.C.S., 1992, University of Pune
M.C.S., 1994, University of Pune
Discovering and Developing Primary Biodiversity Data from Social Networking Sites
Advisors:  Chris Brown and Town Peterson

Joshua S. Campbell
B.G.S., 1999, University of Kansas (Anthropology & History)
M.A., 2006, University of Kansas (Geography)
Imagery to the Crowd, MapGive, and the CyberGIS:  Open Source Innovation in the Geographic and Humanitarian Domains
Advisor:  Jerry Dobson

Ferdouz V. Cochran
B.A., 2000, University of Kansas (Biology)
M.A., 2011, University of Kansas (Geography)
Biophysical Indicators of Sustainability for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
Advisor:  Nate Brunsell

Emily R. Fekete
B.A., 2008, University of New Hampshire
M.A., 2010, Kent State University
Four$quare:  Hybrid Spaces of Economic Activity
Advisor:  Barney Warf

Jessey E. Gilley
B.A., 1994, Concord College
M.A., 2007, Ohio University
Imagining, Practicing and Contesting Road Development in Southern West Virginia, 1920s to 1970s
Advisor:  Barney Warf

Anthony L. Layzell
B.S., 2001, University of Nottingham
M.S., 2010, University of North Carolina
Plio-Pleistocene Landscape Evolution on the High Plains of Southwestern Kansas
Advisor:  Rolfe Mandel

December 2014

Master of Arts – Geography

Jiefang Ding (MA in joint Geography/Urban Planning Program)
B.S., 2011, Congqing Technique and Business University
The Fiscal and Spatial Impacts of Church-Owned Property on a Municipality – A Case Study of Lees Summit, MO
Advisor:  Barney Warf

Master of Science – Geography

Boyu Feng
B.E., 2012, China University of Geosciences
West Antarctica Snow Accumulation Trend Study (1979-2011) from Snow Radar and Ice Core Profiles
Advisor:  Dave Braaten

Master of Science – Atmospheric Science

Lei Cai
B.S., 2011, Janjing University of Information Science and & Technology
Extreme Events over the Contiguous United States Portrayed in a CESM-WRF Dynamical Downscaling Framework
Advisor:  Dave Mechem

Ph.D. – Geography

Woojin Chang
B.S., 2004, University of Kansas (Geography)
M.A., 2010, University of Kansas (Geography)
A Historical Geography of the Korean Experience in America
Advisor:  Pete Shortridge

Brandon A. Gillette
B.S.E., 2004, University of Kansas (Education)
M.S.E., 2006, University of Kansas (Education)
Relationships between Middle Childhood Outdoor Experiences and an Adult  Individual’s Knowledge of the Environment
Advisor:  Steve Egbert

Blake L. Mayberry
B.A., 2004, University of Iowa
M.A., 2008, University of Nebraska-Omaha
Bury Me on the Prairie:  Nature and Culture in the Postrural Midwest
Advisor:  Pete Shortridge

John T. Oakes
B.A., 2004, Eastern Washington University
Migrancy, Markets and Survival:  Transitional Lives in South African Space
Advisor:  Chris Brown and Garth Myers

Terri L. Woodburn
B.S., 1998, Northwest Missouri State University
M.A., 2008, University of Kansas (Geography)
Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction for the Brady Soil in the Nebraska Loess Uplands Using Biosilicate and Bioturbation Analyses
Advisor:  Bill Johnson

August 2014

Master of Arts – Geography

Michael J. Dunaway
B.A., 2010, Haskell Indian Nations University
A New Harvest:  Using Solar Power to Refine Biodiesel on Native American Reservations
Advisor:  Jay Johnson

Erin L. Garity
B.A., 2009, University of Kansas (Geography)
An Ephemeral Experience of Place:  Growing up in the Army
Advisor:  Pete Shortridge

Joshua J. Meisel
B.S., 2008, Haskell Indian Nations University
Historical Demographics, Student Origins, and Recruitment at Off-Reservation Indian Boarding Schools 1900
Advisor: Jay Johnson

Master of Science – Atmospheric Science

Carly S. Fish
B.S., 2012, University of Kansas (Atmospheric Science)
Characterizing Synoptic and Cloud Variability in the Northern Atlantic Using Self-Organizing Maps
Advisor:  Dave Mechem

Ph.D. - Geography

Leiqiu Hu
B.S., 2008, Beijing Normal University
M.S., 2011, Chinese Academy of Sciences
An Investigation of Remotely Sensed Urban Heat Island Climatology
Advisor:  Nate Brunsell

Eunmok Lee
B.A., 1995, Seoul National University
M.A., 1999, Seoul National University
Analysis of MODIS 250 m NDVI Using Different Time-Series Data for Crop Type Separability
Advisor:  Steve Egbert

May 2014

Master of Arts – Geography
Scott T. Klopfenstein
B.A., University of Kansas (Environmental Studies), 2008
Pedogenesis Along a Climosequence in Loess-Derived Soils of the Central Plains
Advisor:  Bill Johnson/Dan Hirmas

Master of Science – Geography

Dennis V. Eck
B.S., University of Dayton, 2009
Quantitative Metrics of Soil Structure and Relationships to Hydraulic Properties in a Vertic Argiudoll
Advisor:  Dan Hirmas
Kyle W. Purdon
B.S., University of Kansas (Geography), 2012
OpenPolarServer (OPS) – An Open Source Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Cryosphere Community
Advisor:  Xingong Li


Andrew M. Hilburn
B.S., University of South Alabama, 2003
M.S., University of Southern Mississippi, 2006
Garbage, Society, and Environment in a Mexican Municipo:  The Case of   Coxcatlán, Puebla, Mexico
Advisor:  Peter Herlihy
Stephanie L. Kozak
B.A., Youngstown State University, 2007
M.A., University of Kansas (Geography), 2009
From Section 8 to Starbucks:  The Effects of Gentrification on Affordable Housing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Advisor:  Barney Warf
William R. Price
B.S., Oklahoma State University, 2005
M.S., Oklahoma State University, 2008
Extinct No More:  Discourses on Tasmanian Aborigine Heritage
Advisor:  Jay Johnson

December 2013

Master of Arts – Geography

Ryan A. Callihan
B.S., University of Kansas (Environmental Studies), 2009
Distribution, Proliferation and Significance of Small Impoundments in Kansas
Advisor:  Steve Egbert/Mark Jakubauskas
Deborah L. Kirk
B.A., Haskell Indian Nations University, 2011
Visualizing the Cherokee Homeland through Indigenous Historical GIS:  An Interactive Map of James Mooney’s Ethnographic Fieldwork and Cherokee Collective Memory
Advisor:  Margaret Pearce
Pei-ling Lin
B.A., National Taiwan Normal University, 2003
Assessing Regional Climate and Local Landcover Impacts on Vegetation with Remote Sensing
Advisor:  Nate Brunsell
Lara K. O’Brien
B.A., University of Missouri, Columbia, 2006
“Migrating with Dignity”:  A Study of the Kiribati-Australia Nursing Initiative (KANI)
Advisor:  Jay Johnson


Maggie L. Book
B.S., Northwest Missouri State, 1997
M.A., University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1999
Hispanics in the Suburbs – Community Adaptation in Olathe, Kansas
Advisor:  Pete Shortridge
Geoffrey Demarest
B.A., University of Colorado, 1974
M.A., University of Denver, 1980
PhD., University of Denver, 1990
Risk Distance:  The Loss of Strength Gradient and Colombia’s Geography of Impunity
Advisor:  Steve Egbert

August 2013

Master of Science – Atmospheric Science

Shu Chen
B.S., Nanjing University of Information & Technology, 2006
Synoptic Scale Weather Patterns Associated with Annual Snow Accumulation Variability in North-Central Greenland
Advisor:  David Braaten
Cassandra Wilson
B.S., University of Kansas (Atmospheric Science), 2011
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Extreme Weather in the United States
Advisor:  Nate Brunsell


Cristin Burke McKinney
B.S., Bridgewater State College, 2003
M.A., University of Kansas (Geography), 2006
Power in Transition:  The Spatial Variation of Territorial Cohesion in Kazakhstan
Advisor:  Shannon O’Lear

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