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Atmospheric Science Graduate

1. Coursework
The program requires only a few specific courses and allows a wide variety of courses to count toward meeting the degree requirements. The Program Sheet (M.S. Atmospheric Science) is used to map progress. 

Required credit hours:
 30 credits 500 level or above.

Required Courses:
 ATMO 710 Atmospheric Dynamics
 ATMO 720 Atmospheric Modeling
 GEOG 716 Advanced Geostatistics

 3 additional credits of atmospheric science courses 700 level or above
 6 credit hours of courses 500 level or above outside of the Geography department

Course Credit Limitations:
 A maximum of 6 credits of 500 and 600 level Atmospheric Science courses may be
 included in the program (excluding ATMO 505)

A maximum of 6 credit hours of ATMO 899.

2. Thesis
 A master's thesis is a demonstration of a student's ability to formulate an atmospheric science research problem, collect and analyze relevant data, synthesize appropriate literature, arrive at logical conclusions, and present the entire exercise in a public academic forum. The thesis should address an original problem of scientific importance, though at the M.S. level, the research will to a significant degree be guided by the faculty advisor.

Thesis proposal
 During the second semester in the program, the student must submit to his committee a thesis research plan. All M.S thesis proposals are expected to contain three basic elements:

1. A statement of the research problem or questions to be investigated.
 2. A survey of relevant literature and how it relates to the student's research problem
 3. An outline of the general methodology, if not specific techniques, to be utilized in addressing the research problem or answering the basic research questions.

Thesis seminar and defense
 Students are required to make a formal presentation to the faculty and fellow students in the form of a research seminar, and subsequently defend orally to their committee the results of their thesis research. Ideally, the final examination takes place immediately following the research seminar, but if necessary the two can be scheduled at separate times.

As part of their research training, graduate students are expected to attend departmental colloquia and seminars.

Department of Geography and Atmospheric Science Events
2019 GPRM-AAG Annual Meeting