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Atmospheric Science Graduate

Required Courses (or equivalent course work at another university).

            ATMO 710, Atmospheric Dynamics

            ATMO 720, Atmospheric Modeling

            GEOG 716, Advanced Geostatistics

            Two-day (non-credit) orientation before classes begin in the fall semester

            GEOG 980 (Seminar in Geography:  Colloquium) for 1 credit hour during each of the first two semesters of residence at KU.

Up to 12 hours of independent study may be used towards course work.

Research Skills Requirement:

The faculty consider it to be very important that students acquire a research skill in Mathematics or Engineering or a Related Discipline.  Six hours are required in courses at the 500 level or above.

Responsible Scholarship Requirement: 

As part of the University requirement that all Ph.D. students receive “training in responsible scholarship relative to the field of study,” the Department of Geography will conduct a non-credit training seminar in responsible scholarship to be held at the beginning of spring semester each year.  This requirement must be completed prior to taking the comprehensive exam.  The seminar consists of eight (8) contact hours between seminar leaders and Ph.D. students. 

Residency Requirement: 

In order to fulfill the university’s residency requirement, a student must be involved full-time in academics for two semesters.  One of these semesters can be a summer session.  Full-time is defined as any of the following combinations:

1) 9 credit hours per semester; or 6 credit hours per summer session;

2) 8 credit hours per semester with a 30% TA or RA;

3) 7 credit hours per semester with a 40% TA or RA;

4) 6 credit hours per semester with a 50% TA or RA;

5) 5 credit hours per summer session with a 25% TA or RA;

6) 3 credit hours per summer session with a 50% TA or RA.

Department of Geography and Atmospheric Science Events
2019 GPRM-AAG Annual Meeting