Administrative resources such as IT support, forms, purchasing and reimbursements, scheduling, and more can be found on the EEEC Administrative Offices and Welcome Center website.

Office Manager, Geography & Atmospheric Science, Environmental Studies Program, Geology
Lindley Hall, room 217C
Beverly Koerner
Administrative Associate, Graduate Program Coordinator
Lindley Hall, Room #217A

Graduate Program Coordinator

Director of Cartographic Services Lab, Lecturer
Lindley Hall, Room 212
Lindley Hall, room 215A
Academic Advisor - Environmental Studies, Geology, and Geography
(785) 864-3500
Strong Hall, Room 109
Facilities Coordinator, Lindley, Ritchie, and Slawson Halls
Ritchie Hall, Room 254F

Ramia has a BS in Biology and another in Sociology.  Currently working on her Masters in Accounting, she's here to help out with building emergencies for Lindley, Ritchie, and Slawson Halls.

Administrative Assitant for Faculty, Atmospheric Science, Environmental Studies, Geography, and Geology
Lindley Hall, room 213

Department of Geography and Atmospheric Science Events
2019 GPRM-AAG Annual Meeting