Minor in Atmospheric Science

The minor augments other fields of study with a sampling of topics in the Atmospheric Sciences. Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in courses taken for the minor.

    Current course requirements and prerequisites can also be viewed in the KU online catalogue.

    Requires the following courses:

    1. ATMO 105: Introductory Meteorology
    2. ATMO 220: Unusual Weather or ATMO 321/GEOG 321 Climate and Climate Change
    3. ATMO 505: Weather Forecasting

    Also requires three courses from the following choices:

    1. ATMO 521: Microclimatology
    2. ATMO 525: Air Pollution Meteorology
    3. ATMO 630: Synoptic Meteorology
    4. ATMO 640: Dynamic Meteorology
    5. ATMO 642: Remote sensing of the Atmosphere
    6. ATMO 680: Physical Meteorology