Bachelor of Arts in Geography (BA)

This degree offers students a broad liberal arts education touching on all aspects of Geography. As part of this degree students need to meet the KU Core Requirements and/or requirements set by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. College requirements are the same as those for the Bachelor of General Studies degree, and require a minimum of 33 credit hours in Geography. Course work includes 18 hours of fundamentals courses and 15 additional hours selected from four topical groups: physical, human, techniques and regional.  Students taking the B.A. degrees should note that most Geography graduate programs require a statistics course, e.g., GEOG 316, and we highly recommend a basic course in GIS, e.g., GEOG 358.

Current course requirements are also listed in the KU online catalogue.

College RequirementsCredit Hrs
First Year Writing6
Quantitative Reasoning3
Lab or Field ExperienceVariable
Non-English Language StudyVariable
Geography Course Requirements 
GEOG 104 Principles of Physical Geography (or GEOG 107)3
GEOG 105 Introductory Laboratory in Physical Geography2
GEOG 102 People, Place, and Society (or GEOG 103)3
GEOG 111 Mapping Our Changing World (or GEOG 358 Principles of Geographic Information Sciences)3
GEOG 311 Intro to Cartography and Geovisualization (or GEOG 316 Methods of Analyzing Geographical Data)4
GEOG 500 Senior Capstone in Geography 3
15 additional credit hours selected from at least 3 of the 4 major categories (Physical Studies, Geographic Information Science, Human Studies, or Regional Studies):15
Hour and GPA Requirements 
Total Credit Hours> 124
CLAS Hours> 99
Junior Senior Hours> 45
KU Red Hours> 30
CC Transfer Credits< 64
Other KU Schools< 25
Hrs Music Org< 6
Hrs Phys Ed< 4
Overall GPA> 2.0
Geography GPA> 2.0