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The Department of Geography and Atmospheric Science provides a variety of services to the University of Kansas campus, partners, and the public. In addition to Cartography and Geospatial Services outlined below, our students have a long history of volunteering with junior high, high school, and public science events, and our faculty are available for commentary on issues. For volunteers or speakers, please email the department at kugeog@ku.edu.

Cartographic & Geospatial Services

Our services include but are not limited to GIS, Remote Sensing, Cartography & Spatial Statistical Analysis. Our mission is to foster KU members' excellence in research and scholarship by providing geospatial services. Geospatial services help provide new research ideas and questions, new solutions and methodologies while being interdisciplinary and cutting-edge. We collaborate on academic proposals and publicatons and offer contract services. 

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Our Services 

Data Services

Acquire and process spatial and non-spatial data to produce information and report

Cartographic Services

Geovisualization to discover and analyze patterns, associations, and problems. This includes image classification and online applications. 

Statistical Services

Predict information for unknown location and future change and explain the observed spatial patterns. 

Field We Assist

Spatial Humanities

History, Religious Studies, Archaeology, Culture, Literature, Visual Arts

Integrated Spatial Research

Human-natural interactions, Ecology and Conservation, Land Use and Climate Change, Earth Sciences, Agriculture

Spatial Social Science

Health and Aging, Human Rights, Emergency Response, Societal Vulnerability, Public Policy

Business and Industry

Real Estate, Insurance, Supply, Natural Resources, Transportation

And many more! If you do not see your field here, please contact Dr. Di ("dee") Shi at dishi@ku.edu for more information on our services. 


  • To learn more, please contact Dr. Di Shi at dishi@ku.edu, or call 785-864-5535.