David Braaten
Professor, Associate Director, CReSIS
Lindley Hall, 413B

Atmospheric Science, remote sensing, climate change. Research on polar ice sheet characteristics and snow accumulation processes.

Professor, Vice Provost for Faculty Development
Lindley Hall, Room 214-A1

Political ecology, biogeography, tropical environments, Latin America.  Research on issues of sustainability in the Amazon.

Nathaniel Brunsell
Lindley Hall, 214A

Land-atmosphere interactions, remote sensing, micrometeorology. Research on the spatial and temporal variability of water, carbon, and energy cycling.  Please visit my website.

So-Min Cheong
Associate Professor
Lindley Hall, 221

Climate change adaptation, environmental disasters, coastal management, human-environment interaction.

Assistant Professor, Geography and African/African American Studies
Lindley Hall, room 204

Migration and development, food security, urban poverty, informal sector, international development, Africa

Associate Professor
Lindley Hall, 413A

Political-­‐Social-­‐Cultural Geography, International Relations, Geographic and Social Theory

Herlihy, Peter
Lindley Hall, 202

Cultural and historical geography, Latin America. Research on indigenous peoples, conservation, and participatory mapping in Central America.

Professor, Associate Chair of Geography & Atmospheric Science, Director, C-FIRST
Lindley Hall, Room 402

Cultural geography, comparative Indigenous Nations studies, post-colonialism. Research on Indigenous peoples' self-determination, Indigenous peoples' knowledge systems and the philosophies and politics of place.


Physical Geography Teaching Professor
(785) 864-0005
Lindley Hall, 415 A
Lei, Ting
Assistant Professor
Lindley Hall, 207
Xingong Li
Lindley Hall, 404

Geographic information science, spatial analysis.  Research on computational methods of analysis of spatial data.

David Mechem
Professor, Chair
Lindley Hall, Room 223

My group and I conduct research on cloud microphysics and dynamics, mesoscale organization of cloud systems, and regional climate processes.

Professor, Director, Environmental Studies Program
Lindley Hall, 213

Environmental geopolitics; resource, conflict, and identity themes in the South Caucasus; and issues of violence related to human trafficking and climate science.

Bing Pu
Assistant Professor
Lindley Hall, 320C

Regional climate change and variability, climate modeling, and climate dynamics. Research on variations of dust emission and transport, drought development, dust-climate interactions, and vegetation-climate feedbacks.

David Rahn
Associate Professor
Lindley Hall, 201

Atmospheric science, mesoscale and synoptic meteorology. Research on coastal low-level jets, coastally trapped wind reversals, and the marine atmospheric boundary layer.

Geography & Atmospheric Science and African & African-American Studies
Justin Stachnik - University of Kansas
Assistant Professor
Lindley Hall, 209

Tropical meteorology, climate variability and change, cloud physics and dynamics, mesoscale precipitating systems, radar and satellite meteorology, multi-scale interactions.

Professor Cornelis (Kees) van der Veen
Professor, Geography
Lindley Hall, room 203

Glaciology, ice-climate interactions, global environmental change. Research on dynamics and mass balance of fast-moving ice streams and outlet glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica, remote sensing applications for glacial geomorphology.

Lindley Hall, 219C

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