Jerry Dobson
Professor Emeritus, President, American Geographical Society
Lilndley Hall, room 214A

GIS, cultural geography. Research on the integration of remote sensing, geographical information science, and geography.

Egbert, Stephen
Lindley Hall, 409

Remote sensing, GIS. Research in phenologically-based land cover mapping and change detection strategies using multi-temporal satellite imagery.

Lindley Hall, 419

Fluvial geomorphology, geoarchaeology, palynology. Research on historic and prehistoric changes in river systems and Late Quaternary environments.

Associate Professor Emeritus
Lindley Hall, Room 219D
James Shortridge
Professor, Geography
Lindley Hall, room 209

Cultural and historical geography, North America. Research on American regionalism and sense of place.

Terry Slocum
Professor Emeritus, Associate Professor, Geography
Lindley Hall, room 207

Cartography, geographic information science, quantitative methods.  Research on visualization and animation.


Professor Emeritus
Donna Tucker
Associate Professor Emeritus
Lindley Hall, Room 320B

Atmospheric science.  Research on numerical modeling and mesoscale precipitation systems.

William Woods
Professor Emeritus, Deceased September 11, 2015

Cultural ecology, historical, soils, Latin America. Research on Amazonian anthrosols.

Professor Emeritus
Lindley Hall, Room 219D
Professor Emeritus

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