Dual Program: Geography MA & Master of Urban Planning

This interdisciplinary program combines in three years the degrees of MA in geography and Master of Urban Planning. Details, including degree requirements, are available in a separate booklet either online (pdf) or from either of the two departments. Entering students should submit separate applications to each department. The joint degree entails 61 credit hours of coursework (39 in planning, 22 in geography) including a thesis.

Urban Planning and Geography have a long history of interaction and connection. Responsible planning in urban communities requires an understanding of the human and physical geographies of these communities, and contemporary planning practice demands familiarity with advanced geographic techniques and information systems. Conversely, expertise in geography—and particularly concentration in urban geography—may require an understanding of and competence to deal with the planning dynamics of urban communities.

The objective of this program is to meet the needs of both Urban Planning and Geography for interdisciplinary knowledge by offering a dual degree program for the graduate student who intends to engage professionally in both planning and geography. The program combines in three years the normal two year Master of Urban Planning (48 credit hours) and the normal two year Master of Arts (MA) degree in Geography (30 credit hours) offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Current course requirements can be viewed in the KU online catalogue.


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