Dana Peterson

Dana Peterson
  • Assistant Research Professor, Kansas Applied Remote Sensing

Contact Info

122 Takeru Higuchi Hall, West Campus


B.S. in Environmental Studies, University of Kansas, 1996
M.A. in Geography, University of Kansas, 1999
Ph.D. in Geography, University of Kansas, 2019


Dana specializes in land use/land cover mapping of crop types, grassland types, wetlands and woody encroachment using:

  •          object-based image analysis (OBIA);
  •          data fusion;
  •          hierarchical classifications using multi-temporal and multi-resolution data,
  •          using a variety of remotely-sensed data (MODIS NDVI time-series, Landsat, NAIP aerial imagery, LiDAR –derived products) and other geospatial datasets.

Awards & Honors

The William T PECORA Award. Department of Interior and NASA. Received: 10-27-2022.