Hannah Weekley

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  • Advisory Board Member
  • GIS Services Director / Public Involvement Professional


Hannah Weekley is a 2011 graduate of The University of Kansas, holding a B.A. in Geography. She also earned a Masters of Business Administration from Pittsburg State University in 2019.  Hannah currently works as a GIS Services Director and Public Involvement Professional at CRW Engineering based out of Anchorage, Alaska. Professionally, Hannah serves as an ArcOnline Administrator for her company, in addition to organizing and leading the GIS aspects for multiple engineering and business development projects.

In her spare time, Hannah enjoys traveling with her husband. Some of their favorite trips have been hiking and camping in US National Parks as well as Canadian National Parks. She enjoys applying her GIS and mapping background to her hobbies, and often maps the hikes and campgrounds she visits.


B.A. in Geography, University of Kansas
MBA, Pittsburg State University